Ginestra Breeches White & Navy – Double Value Pack




*Double value packs offer you one pack that contains two great pairs of breeches, in two different colours.  Two pairs in the same size for a great price.  You can save ££££’s with this amazing deal.*  

What do you get?

You will receive x1 pair white ginestra and x1 pair blue ginestra.  As selected from the warehouse.

(Please note some lower leg lycra inserts may differ in design.  They both provide a comfortable fit under boots).

What are Ginestra breeches?

The Tattini Ginestra breeches are the top line Tattini breeches on the market today. Carefully designed and constructed to provide the rider with a stylish, comfortable and soft fit.

Great attention to detail was taken when designing and constructing the Tattini Ginestra breeches. With extra care being taken to ensure that stitching seams were deliberately placed away from areas that experience direct contact. Some of the more delicate stitching seams have been backed with additional fabric to ensure a soft contact with the skin.

Why are they so popular?

The breeches benefit from an advanced fabric setup of 16% Coolmax, 79% Tactel and 5% Elastane. This fabric set up helps the product maintain its lightweight construction. Whilst remaining breathable, soft and comfortable. The fabric also provides the Tattini Ginestra breeches with class leading levels of moisture wicking technology. Helping to ensure you remain comfortable whilst exercising.

The breeches have been designed with style in mind. They feature a colour contrasting band that runs down the length of the leg. Creating a clean, crisp and flattering line. Further down the breeches, Daewoo stretch suede provides additional comfort and grip around the inner knee area. Whilst Lycra leg inserts help to provide a tight and secure fitting around the calf and ankle area. (Please note these can vary in design on the breeches but offer the same level of comfort).

On the front of the breeches two generously sized pockets secured by YKK zippers provide storage for essential items, and the waist band provides freedom of movement for the rider while twisting, turning and bending.