How to pull your horses mane

A horses mane and tail grow constantly, to make then neater we tend to pull both. By pulling/thinning the mane we make it easier for us to plait or groom for competitions. This technique we use to both shorten and thin out the mane is called PULLING.

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Why do we pull our horses manes?

You can pull a mane for a variety of reasons, to make it easier to plait, to encourage the mane to lie flat, to help keep horses cool in the summer or to give it a general tidy up. The best time to pull a horse’s mane is after exercise (as the skin will be warm and the pores open) Making it easier and less uncomfortable for the horse. The mane is there to help protect the horse from the elements so consideration should be taken with grass kept horses that the mane is not pulled too short.
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The Pulling Process

1. Firstly tie your horse up using a quick release knot and attached to a piece of string. You may need to stand on a box or block if you can’t reach the top of your horse’s mane.
2. Brush the mane out with thoroughly with a comb making sure not to use any products that might make the mane slippery and difficult to hold such as man conditioner.
3. Start at one end, either the poll or the withers and work your way up or down.
4. Take hold of a few strands of the longest hair from underneath the mane and gently comb back (like back-combing) the hair along the strand to the crest, until you are left with a thing segment.
5. Place the comb near the top of the hair at the crest and wrap the strands of hair around the comb and pull downwards in one brisk movement. The hair should come out easily from the roots.
6. Repeat this procedure along the neck until the mane is even and the same thickness.(Keep stepping back and looking at the mane to make sure it is being done evenly)
7. The forelock can be done in the same way.

pulling mane
pulled mane

Top Tips
1. Pull your horses mane after exercise as the skin will be warm and the pores open, making the hair easier to pull out and it more comfortable for your horse.
2. DO NOT pull out lots of hair in one go as this will result in skin sores.
3. If the mane has not been pulled in a while it may take a few days to achieve required results.

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