Gloves for Winter Riding

Why ride in gloves?

Keeping a consistent contact on the reins, whatever your chosen discipline, is vital. Why? Because this is one of the ways of keeping the channel of communication open with your horse along with an application of aids. How you hold the reins can have a bearing on the consistency of your contact in your hands, so this is where gloves can help!

How can they help?

Gloves can help to provide grip on the reins. They can also protect against the weather, because cold or wet winter weather can mean your hand position and grip can be compromised. Cold hands do not work well! In the summer time gloves can help absorb sweat making sure your hands and fingers do not slip on the reins. Gloves can also protect your hands if your horse suddenly pulls the reins through your hands because they can help prevent blisters or rubs on the skin.

Selwood EquineAccessories Selection


These great value synthetic stretch gloves are a great addition to any riders wardrobe. Available in black, with contrasting grey lycra inserts across the hand and fingers.  These inserts offer comfort and stretch when riding, so they aid freedom of movement in the fingers and hand. The close contact feel material along with secure grip make these great for all aspects of riding. These non slip gloves have velcro closure elasticated wrists for a snug fit. (Manufacturer – Rhinegold)


These lightweight comfortable riding gloves are ideal for competition use because they are incredibly smart and stylish and will be sure to compliment your competition outfit beautifully. The gloves feature a stretch palm and a lycra back to the hand and fingers. This gives great comfort for movement during use.  The soft yet stretchy material used on the palm provides a smooth yet sensitive feel, without compromising on comfort. These gloves have additional finger reinforcements so they aid contact on the rein and feature an elasticated wrist. The velcro fastening provides accurate closure.  It really is the little details that matter with these gloves.  Clever design and thought into materials used provides the wearer with a great use glove, so there is no compromise on fit or comfort. They come with subtle logo detailing on the outside to finish them off and are available in black. (Manufacturer – Rhinegold)


These luxury feel gloves are great for everyday use and for for competitive use because of their flexible deisgn. Soft leather and smooth lycra provide the wearer with a stylish and comfortable fit. They feature a self-colour stretch Lycra panel detail on the rear of the hand.  So this combined with lycra inserts in between the fingers, gives maximum stretch and flexibility to the wearer.

They also have a ventilation feature along the fingers for breathability. Making this lightweight glove great for summer riding.  With additional strengthening against the index and little fingers plus an elasticated Velcro wrist closure, these gloves are a great choice for riders of all disciplines. Style is never compromised with these great value gloves, so they are an ideal addition to any riders wardrobe and are available in black.

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