The difference between breeches and jodhpurs – Do you know?

We grab our favourite pair, or the cleanest pair we have and rush out to ride. Do we really think much about what it actually is we are wearing? Are they breeches? Or jodhpurs?
There are just a few subtle differences between breeches and jodphurs. The choice between them usually dictates the type of boot the rider favours. Additionally, some of the differences can make one more age-appropriate than the other for children. Also, one can be more suitable for differing equestrian disciplines or competitions e.g showing.

Tattini Dafne Breeches

Let’s look at the difference

The main difference between jodhpurs and breeches is the length of the inseam. With jodhpurs, the trouser leg goes all the way down to the ankles or below. When worn with short boots, the length of the jodhpur can be kept in line with the help of jodhpur clips. These fasten under the boot. Jodhpurs can be worn with long boots and tucked into socks, although this can create bunching under the boot. Whereas breeches end halfway down the calf. Usually ending in a thin stretchy material which reduces bulk under the long riding boot. Like our Tattini breeches that feature lycra leg inserts for comfort and fit.  This means breeches can be worn with long boots or with short boots and chaps.  Not therefore with just short boots alone. More often than not, younger children normally wear jodhpurs and adults breeches.

Materials used

Apart from the difference in leg length, both trousers are close-fitting. Usually made with a stretchy material that contains elastane, lycra or spandex. Both will come with knee and rear reinforcements.
The rear is generally covered with a material that is used to grip the saddle – a full seat style. This will help to give security to the rider, when in the saddle. A similar material is used on the inside of the knee to enable the rider to keep a securer grip on the saddle. Our breeches from Tattini feature two different types of gripping material to the knee area. Daewoo stretch suede and silicon gel. Both allow for grip against the saddle and offer rider security. Unlike casual trousers, the leg seams are placed on the outside to prevent rubbing to the horse or rider. Comfort is a priority.

Tattini breeches offer a fantastic level of comfort, security and support to the rider. Available in a range of colours and designs to suit riders needs and tastes. Rhinestones or sequins, plain colour or contrast piping. The range accommodates all.

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