💟Ten good reasons to love Autumn💟

🍂Crisp mornings, golden sunrises, making the most of what is left of the lighter evenings…it can mean only one thing; Autumn is here! As much as we loved those hazy summer days, Autumn is well and truly here and should be embraced! Spot the horses turned out with rugs already. Not to mention the frantic owners checking the overnight temperatures on their phones!! Golden leaves falling from trees and the faint buzz of the clipper blades in the distance! We know the arrival of Autumn means that winter is just around the corner. Never mind, we still love this time of year and here are Selwood Equine’s (😂somewhat light hearted😂) ‘ten good reasons’ why…….

1. 🦗Bye bye flies

Those pesky little mites are gone now. The colder temperatures have seen them off and it means a fly free zone for our four legged friends! Hurrah – no itching, rubbing or scratching! Plus no more smelling like fly repellent for us owners. Although a perfume of choice for many of us throughout the summer months now we can reach for the bottle of Chanel and dare to smell (almost) normal again.

2. 👍Softer ground

No more worrying about rock hard ground underfoot as you hack out. With the sprinkling of regular rainfall now allowing for a softening across the countryside. Not quite winter time bog like conditions yet means that we can enjoy those lovely long canters out on grass covered tracks before they become quagmire!

3. 🙌Snug as a bug…in a rug!

We can finally play dress up with our horses and ponies and break out the freshly washed and reproofed rugs. Or maybe even showcase some new purchases!! Lightweight of course for now but still making sure that our precious ones are wrapped up warm and looking super stylish at the same time! God forbid they actually get any mud on them of course!

4. ✂️Buzz Buzz – here come the clippers

There is nothing nicer than standing back and admiring your freshly clipped horse. Looking smart and ready for a winter of work with a shine to their coat! Autumn is the time when most of us get our first clip in. Although we spend the time getting covered in hair, dust and fluff and moaning about our lines and technique – we do love the end result. That is of course unless your horse believes the clippers will eat him and you then require a weighty vets bill to sedate him, thus resulting in your clip becoming quite costly! Someone pass the Sedalin….

5. 😊Cosy beds and tucking them in at night

You get to feel like the worlds best owner when you bring them in at night. Away from the cold and the rain and let them admire your deep inviting bed with banks the size of double decker buses! With dinner and a pile of hay waiting its the equine equivalent of tea and toast!

6. 🍁Awash with colour

Riding out with the leaves falling all around you and seeing the beautiful colours is just another special part of Autumn. The reds, golds and browns signalling that the season is changing gives a fantastic back drop to some great hacks in the countryside. Never mind the problems you get when out though. When a stray leaf falls just in front of your horse, holds it to ransom and threatens to never let it eat carrots again….only joking, we all know falling leaves aren’t scary…right?!?!?

7. Organisation is key

A change in the season is a great time to have a clear through and organise your equipment. Making you feel super organised and basically in charge of the world. Making sure you have had all rugs washed repaired and reproofed in time for winter means your four legged friends are highly unlikely to get a speck of mud on them at all. Your forward planning means that the enormous hay, straw or shavings delivery can fit in the barn quite well. I mean the few extra bales in the garage at home isn’t the end of the world is it? It’s not like your husband really needs to park his car in there…..

8. ⛅Crisp morning air

There is nothing quite like stepping outside to do the yard in the morning. Taking a deep breath and inhaling that crisp cool slightly damp air. No humid sticky heat here – just enough of a chill factor to make you quicken your step. Not so much that you retreat indoors to grab a hot water bottle, extra scarf and three hats for warmth!! It’s what you like to call a productive chill in the morning. Even though you snapchat the temperature everyday for your story, it’s not getting you down😟….

9. 🐴Autumn competition plans

This is the time of year when hunter trials pop up on the calendar. There are still a few one day events left. Anything on grass is fairly positive – but “to be confirmed on the day so please check our website regularly for updates!”. With a productive summer behind you and a horse that is still fit and ready to go we love to just ‘keep calm and carry on’ from a competition perspective. It is not time to hang up your boots just yet! Sit down with a cuppa and make productive lists for entries and dates ahead.
Maximise the last few weeks before crisp Autumn mornings turn to arctic conditions with sheet ice underfoot. Any excuse to sit down with a cup of tea and some biscuits is fine by me. Of course if you make a list at the same time it’s totally productive and worthwhile. Not at all procrastination of any form…..

10. 🛍️Shopping

New season requires new purchases. Totally justified. It’s practical more than anything. And when we say a new wardrobe, it is not just for your international mega star of a horse (I mean anything beyond the local riding club is pretty much international isn’t it….?!?!). It is for you too. Coats, boots, breeches and base layers. This all has to be repurchased because one doesn’t just wear last seasons items you know. So if you are looking for some great bargains, Selwood Equine can help. Base layers from £10, Coats and jackets with waterproof and shower proof features from £19.99 and headbands and beanie hats for the ultimate ‘keep warm but appear totally active and on point’ look, from just £10.

And with our end of summer season sale looming (Starts 6am Friday 22nd September 2017) there is no time to waste to grab some amazing bargains and deals! Embrace Autumn and shop to your hearts content with Selwood

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