Why do you still have lessons? You compete so surely you’re a good rider?

How many of you have had this said to you? It’s a common misconception that once you own your own horse and are out competing on a regular basis that you no longer need lessons! This is certainly not the case and you will find that even the worlds most acclaimed riders still train regularly with coaches or instructors.

How can lessons help?

Having regular lessons with an accredited coach or instructor means that you have the opportunity to learn. Not just about your riding but about your horse and his way of going too. Having an extra pair of eyes ‘on the ground’ can be extremely helpful and insightful. There is always more to learn. Maintaining lesson slots on a regular basis also means that you can work to a timetable. This is especially useful if you are aiming towards a competition. We all want to ride to the best of our ability and to allow our horse to perform to their full potential, especially when competing. Regular lessons or training can allow this to happen.

Flatwork isnt just for dressage!

Training on the flat can even improve your jumping by looking at your horses way of going and how you can engage their hind quarters more successfully and build on them working through better from behind. This can in turn lead to an improved jump over fences. Our rider in the flatwork image wears our Tattini Ginestra breeches. Ideal for regular use and wear as the lightweight material provides a comfortable and breathable fit. Moisture wicking technology in the fabric means even if your instructor works you hard, you can remain comfortable whilst exercising! Lycra inserts to the lower leg means that these breeches are a comfortable fit under boots or chaps too.

Feedback from your instructor

You can work with your instructor on improving your riding technique and skills. As you gain more knowledge this will have a positive impact on your horses way of going too. The instructor will be able to identify what you can work on with your horse. They will give you exercises to practice at home with an end goal in mind. Even if you have been riding for years and have owned your horse for a long period of time, there are often little tweaks that can be made. They could result in an extra few marks on your test sheet, or towards shaving a few seconds off your jump off time! The skills and knowledge of someone more experienced than you can be incredibly beneficial to you and your horse.

Our instructor featured in the group image, wears one of our Tattini jackets. The full range of stylish and comfortable jackets can be found online. From more fitted jackets such as the Prado Club jackets to a looser fit in the Tamigi bomber – these are all great items for your wardrobe so you can look smart in your lessons and keep warm and comfortable too!

A pair of eyes on the ground

Whether it is having someone on the ground helping you with your lateral work; checking hind leg engagement or positioning in your shoulder in and half pass. Or having an experienced eye watch your stride into a fence and advise on how you can work on collecting or extending this for a better overall jump. Or even having someone there to pass on technique for all different types of fences over varying terrain, the saying knowledge is power could not be more true! Having regular sessions with a trainer also means you are getting regularly corrected on any bad habits (and we all have them!) you may be developing. Therefore learning how to avoid these in the future.

Even as an intermediate or advanced rider there are always improvements to style or technique that can be achieved. When working with someone on a regular basis it can also assist with goal setting. Furthermore on building confidence for competitions. Complacency can lead to disappointment and failure. However, being pro active and investing in training can really elevate you from one level up to the next. You can search online for accredited coaches or registered instructors in your area. Invest in you and your horse and you could be achieving your goals in next to no time!

The riders in our images wear the Tattini Kenzia breeches – a great everyday breech with daewoo stretch knee pads to assist the rider with additional grip and security when in the saddle. The coolmax moisture wicking fabric also helps to keep the rider comfortable during exercise, and these breeches are water repellent, lightweight soft and comfortable. These breeches are also superb for competing too and are available in white.

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