Pony Club marks it’s 90th Birthday with a worldwide equestrian event

The Pony Club celebrates it’s 90th birthday this year and there are some amazing plans in the pipeline for celebrations.  Members have been asked to ‘get involved’ and help mark the date in their own branches, across the world.  Many activities are planned on 3rd August 2019 and the organisation is calling on not just current members, but former members, coaches, volunteers and officials to join in too.

What is the Pony Club?

The Pony Club is…”an international voluntary youth organisation, dedicated to encouraging young people to ride and to care for horses and ponies, whilst promoting the highest ideals of sportsmanship”.

The Pony Club is ‘the’ starting place for anyone with an interest in horses and riding, who wants to learn and have fun in a safe and caring environment.

Membership is open to anyone up to the age of 25.  Anyone from total novices to those with more experience are welcome to join. Through learning, training and assessment, the standards of riding and horse care are developed.  Members are given access to a wide range of equestrian sports. Branch membership is for those with access to a horse or pony, and Centre membership is for those without access to a horse or pony.  Everyone can be included!

What celebrations are planned for 2019?

Ride around the world‘ will mark the celebrations on 3rd August 2019.  Wherever you are on that date, make contact with your local Branch or Centre to join in with their activities.  Whatever you and your friends decide to do, the 3rd August is YOUR moment to all join together around the world to celebrate The Pony Club and everything it stands for, Fun, Friends, Horsemanship and so much more.

Perhaps you would like to organise a fun ride or group hack, some mounted games, a bring and buy sale or even a small in branch competition.  Anything for you and your fellow members come together to celebrate!

The plans begin at 12 noon with Branches in New Zealand opening the celebrations. Events will be taking place around the world, with branches checking in – a bit like midnight on New Years Eve. The day will finish on the West Coast of America at 12 noon having passed through Branches and Centres across the world.  It certainly will be a magnificent moment in the history of The Pony Club.

The Pony Club want to make it a HUGE social media moment so they are encouraging people to share photographs and videos with them. You can send your files by going to http://www.pcuk.org/upload90 – this link will work on any device (computer, tablet, phone etc).

If you want to follow on socials, below are the platforms you can access the Pony Club on:

Facebook: /ThePonyClubUK
Twitter: @ThePonyClub
Instagram: ukponyclubofficial

If you would like to find your local center or branch of The Pony Club, and enquire about membership then click here if you have a horse or click here if you do not have a horse.  The Pony Club is split into areas geographically and you can find your local area by clicking here.

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