New Year Resolutions?

Are you making them?  Do you stick to them?  Are they just a waste of time?

It might seem like the perfect start to the new year, making resolutions and having plans.  Or it might seem like the worst possible idea. With 80% of new years resolutions failing by February, Selwood Equine asks ” Should we resolve to not make resolutions in January?!”


 ✅Yes, make resolutions!

Making a New Years resolution is a great way to make a positive change, or to list your goals for the forthcoming months.  Do you need to get fitter for eventing?  Improve your flatwork? Be more confident out hacking?  Whatever you decide to do this year, having a plan and some goals is a great way to achieve everything you want to.

❌No, don’t waste your time!


Why bother making a long list of goals now, that you just know you cannot reach?  Instead have small goals in mind and just decide as the year progresses.  No need to put pressure on yourself so early on.  January is cold, wet and dark.  Money is tight and quite frankly, doing the horses in the freezing weather is not enjoyable.  Just ride it out and wait until the spring comes before you set goals.

Arguments for and against!  Both quite valid.

Whatever you decide is best for you, and your horse, it doesn’t hurt to have some ideas of what you would like to do in 2019! Whether you set them all at the start of the year or just as you head through, month by month,  Selwood Equine has some ideas to help you goal set for the year ahead!


2019 goals?

  1. Join an approved riding club – meet new people, join teams and train with other riders.  Search for riding clubs in your area here.
  2. Improve your riding with an approved instructor or coach – search for registered instructors/accredited coaches in your area here.
  3. Try a different discipline – why not check out information on British Eventing, British Showjumping, British Dressage, British Equestrian Vaulting
  4. Take your horse to the beach – check out the top 5 UK beaches for horse riding here.
  5. Visit a high profile equestrian event – Badminton, Hickstead, Burghley, HOYS, Olympia – the list is endless!

It does not have to be a huge change or goal.  It might be something a little closer to home.  Hack out, venture a little further than before.  Try polework or jumping.  Have a go at lunging or long reining.  Perhaps learn more by enrolling on a BHS, BRS or NVQ course.

One thing we would definitely advocate is updating your wardrobe!  Treat yourself to a new pair of breeches.  Invest in a new show jacket and show shirt.  Selwood Equine has some fantastic items listed online as well as in store in Nuneaton.  Whatever, you decide to do this year we wish you all the best and above all enjoy yourself and have fun!

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