The importance of using an exercise sheet in colder months

With January coming to an end, sadly it doesn’t mean seeing the end of the colder weather or no exercise for our horses! Us Brits know we have at least another two months of bearing up against the wind. Not to mention the rain and the freezing temperatures. But with the event season kicking off in March and the outdoor jumping, dressage and showing scene getting going soon too, there are plenty of horses who are back into a work and fitness programme now.

Many riders are braving the winter elements and wrapping themselves up warm with either base layers, gilets or winter jackets. However, it is not just the rider that needs to be kept warm during exercise or schooling sessions. The horse needs to be kept warm too. Especially those that are clipped or those that are just coming back into fitness and starting their walk work.

The theory behind using an exercise sheet

Essentially using a sheet helps to prevent chills in horses that are already clipped out. It replaces the layer that has been lost by the clip. Depending on the material as well it can obviously keep them from getting wet or damp. It is also important to remember that keeping muscles warm during build up to and into exercise is beneficial. This is because the horse is less likely to pull or strain themselves. Cold and or/wet muscles are not conducive to productive work outs. Cold weather causes muscles to lose more heat and contract thus causing tightness. Muscles then lose their range of motion and are forced to work harder. This in turn causing more likely damage and soreness. Warming up correctly and keeping warm helps to eliminate this issue.

Selwood Equine’s range available to buy online

Selwood Equine stock a range of exercise sheets including Waterproof and Fleece. Our waterproof sheets have a soft fleece lining and a durable waterproof and windproof outer layer. Secure velcro at the wither keep the sheet in place. It is sensibly cut to fit under the saddle flap and not interfere with the riders position or leg aids. Reflective stripes on the rug are an added bonus for hacking to aid visibility to other road users.

The fleece exercise sheet is warm and soft with front fastening wither velcro for a great fit and is sensibly cut to fit under the saddle flap and not interfere with the riders position or leg aids. Great for winter riding when the temperature has dropped but the conditions are dry.

Both these exercise sheets are on offer with Selwood Equine at the moment, with prices starting from an amazing £7.99! Order online for home delivery now. With two delivery options you are spoilt for choice and with an amazing winter sale still on, while stocks last, you may even want to sneak a few other items into your shopping basket!

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