Equine Autumn Essentials

Selwood Equine Autumn Essentials include our quality ranges of socks, base layers and head wear. Our range of socks are perfect for wearing with modern close fitting boots, as they are thin, but reinforced for durability. Our EasyTech baselayers are ideal for all-year use, and our beanie hat or headband stop you losing too much heat as temperatures plummet.

Selwood Tattini Long Socks

Keep your feet warm and cosy with a selection of our socks. We have a range of colours so there is pair to suit everyone and to match your outfit.

Tactel socks come in a lovely classic navy which will go with whatever breeches you are wearing. They also have the Tattini wording placed neatly at the top which makes them very smart for walking around the show or shops with your long boots on.

They are made from a durable and stretch twisted Tactel yarn, which is where they get their name from. The Tactel yarn is made up of composition of Tactel and Lycra. This composition mean that they keep your feet warm and well as being breathable and hypo-allergenic.

These socks include reinforcements in all the right areas, such as interior shin, sole and heel, making them more durable. They’re also perfect to using in contact boots, which now many people have.

Our socks are an equine autumn essential, so grab yourself a pair before everyone cotton’s on!

Why not only keep your feet warm but the rest of your body. Take a look at our baselayers and our head wear.

Selwood EasyTech Base Layers

Not just and equine autumn essential, our easyTech base layers are ideal for all-year-round use. Designed to keep you warm, wick moisture away from your skin and to look great. We have a selection of colours to compliment any outfit.

Our selection of colours means there’s something for any occasion, and detailed with contrasting stitching and a “Selwood” logo on the left arm, they look subtle and attractive.

Base layer’s are ideal for wicking moisture away from the skin. This helps to keep you dry and comfortable. This is brilliant for when you are competing, as there is nothing worse then being too hot when you are trying to concentrate.

And in the cold? Base layers is one of the most valuable pieces of kit you can own when the temperature drops. That extra layer between body and a top can make the difference between being able to last three hours in the freezing cold, or only getting out for one. Everyone knows how miserable it gets over the winter, so make things a little more comfortable by staying warm. They are also brilliant for layering up, as all horsey people know, whether it is our horse or ourselves!


Selwood Head-wear

The Selwood Beanie comes in the contrasting colours of Dark Blue, Light Blue and White. The Baggy style is made from 100% super soft acrylic and is manufactured in the UK. Smart and eye catching for both men and women, each beanie includes the Selwood logo stylishly positioned on the side.

The Selwood Headband is manufactured in the UK from 100% super soft acrylic. The striking contrasting colours and the stylishly positioned Selwood logo makes this headband smart and eye catching for both men and women to wear.