Back to Back 4* wins for sponsored rider Jonelle Price

Badminton and Luhmulen – back to back wins for Jonelle Price at the top level – less than a year after having her first baby – girl power is well and truly alive and kicking in the Price household this year! Go Jonelle!
It has been a busy few months for Tim and Jonelle across all events, as ever you can catch up with their weekly goings on via their website but our blog today summarises the two four star competitions at Badminton and Luhmulen.


Both Tim and Jonelle had horses at Badminton – Ringwood Sky Boy and Classic Moet. Both trotted up soundly and smartly and passed with flying colours. Dressage provided Tim and Ringwood Sky Boy(Ozzie) with a personal best of 25.8. At 15 years old it seems Ozzie is getting a feel for it all now! Jonelle and Classic Moet(Molly) posted 27.6, again a personal best with some clean changes and a real chance to sit competitively for XC day.

Tim and Ozzie started well with real purpose, making good time and cleanly jumping all efforts. However, once Tim realised Ozzie had pulled both front shoes off he had to ease off a little to bring him home safely. This cost him a few time penalties but both came home in one piece with clear jumping. Jonelle and Molly were, as to be expected, swift out of the start box and on with the task in hand. A slightly edgy moment at the lake meant they then kept their heads down and focused on the job in hand. They came home clear just one second over the time. They were overnight leaders!

Both horses passed the second trot up to jump later in the afternoon. Tim and Ozzie had a great round with an unfortunate two down. Tim will be the first to tell you that it can be hit and miss in this phase with this horse. A final finish of 12th place is not to be sniffed at and we are delighted with this; what else can he achieve this year hey?!
If they felt any pressure, Jonelle and Molly did a sterling job of hiding it. The crowd held their breath and nervously winced as the odd few poles and planks got a tap. Everything stayed up and there were no faults to add – clear show jumping! The winners of this years Badminton; Jonelle Price and Classic Moet. Wow!


Jonelle headed to Germany with Faerie Dianimo (Maggie May) for another four star. The pair presented and trotted up beautifully and the dressage was stunning to watch. A few little diva moments meant a couple of raised of eyebrows but they posted 27 which is more than acceptable.

Cross country day was as eventful as expected, with the track proving to be big and meaty. The ground rode well. Jonelle and Maggie May hit the ground running and kept good pace. A cracking clear with just 2.6 time penalties left them in second place overnight.

The show jumping phase was last and Maggie May jumped like a machine and provided a superb clear to take the top spot and claim her first 4* victory! Another win at 4* for Jonelle – this girl is on fire!

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